The Best Places


The most popular place to relax and unwind in Broome is Cable Beach, which is widely thought to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Australia. Besides sunbathing on its white sands and bathing in its turquoise waters, visitors can enjoy cocktails and spa packages at its luxury resorts, as well as sunset camel rides along the beach.

More active holidaymakers can visit the fantastic rock formations at Entrance Point and the red cliffs and dinosaur footprints at Gantheaume Point; both of which lie nearby. Further afield are the breathtaking Horizontal Falls, with other wonderfully wild and untouched landscapes dotted about the Dampier Peninsula and the Kimberley Region.

Kings Canyon

Cutting through the desolate desert landscapes, the colossal canyon’s walls tower over a hundred meters in height, with a small creek and sparse vegetation down below. There are jagged cliffs, interesting rock formations, and beautiful scenery to spy, whether you’re strolling in the shade or hiking along its rim.

For the Luritja people, Kings Canyon has long been a source of water and a place of refuge and respite from the searing sun. It is still a sacred site to this day. Due to the infernal heat and cruel climate, it is well advised to bring lots of water with you when hiking or climbing around the canyon.